The Rainbow Cops Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary

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Sing Out Brussels! took to the stage alongside other LGBTQI+ performers as part of a reception held at Brussels City Hall to mark the occasion.

Like Sing Out Brussels!, Rainbow Cops Belgium LGBTQI+ Police is a member association of RainbowHouse. The group recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a reception at Brussels City Hall, an event honoured by the presence of Sarah Schlitz, Federal Secretary of State for Equality of Opportunities and Gender.

The Rainbow Cops’ mission is to:

  1. INFORM and share information and experiences regarding LGBTQI+ issues within the integrated police force with the goal of promoting mutual respect.
  2. TRAIN all police officers to help them identify discrimination and hate crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  3. REFER victims of homophobic or transphobic acts to the relevant bodies inside and outside the police, with a view to ensuring a police report is filed.
  4. RAISE AWARENESS about LGBTQI+ issues within the police and beyond based on experience gained at the Belgian and European levels.

A smaller group of choir members sang at this event, with our members invited to take part on a purely voluntary basis. Some choir members perceive the police as a sexist, racist and/or LGBTQI+-phobic institution and as a force of oppression. Some have experienced violence perpetrated by the police, or have concerns about the pink-washing of police actions. At the same time, others raised their voices in support of singing for an organisation that plays a role in changing practices within the Police.

Head to the Rainbow Cops Facebook page for more photos from this event.