Through performance and singing together we touch hearts, build community, and contribute to change society

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RTBF – August 2023

We’re there for the music and that’s what we love!

We are committed to quality – expressed in our wish for the best musicality. We are passionate!

We enjoy what we do (bedoo!)

We take pleasure in all our actions and each other.
We love to laugh (and that’s no joke).

We are committed (oh, yes we are!)

As singers and volunteers we are committed in all our (inter-)actions.

We dare to speak OUT! 

Advocacy and reaching out  are core objectives. We are audacious in speaking and acting for freedom, independence and solidarity.

We r.e.s.p.e.c.t

As an LGBTQI+ choir we embrace respect and all values derived from that: self-respect, pride in being ourselves, benevolence and transparency, and respect for the fact of being different (queer).

We open up (y)our mind

We keep an open mind and ‘listen without prejudice’ and encourage to do the same. This is also expressed by our creativity, inclusion and international character.

We thrive as a community

We act and evolve as a community and group, while striking a balance between respect and individual inclusion on the one hand and responsibility towards the community on the other.

You share our values?


Jazz musician and composer at heart, Emily Allison conducts Sing Out Brussels!

Emily Allison

She moved to Brussels in 2009 to study at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels after having completed studies in jazz at Ecole Nationale de Musique of Villeurbanne. She has been part of numerous ensembles in Lyon, won the young talent contest at the Jazz Marathon, Brussels’ leading jazz festival with quintet LIFT and is the head of her own band.

Emily has a proven track record when it comes to conducting choirs. She has directed Tapalanote and Zinnechoeur in the past for several seasons.

She recently released her album “Songs of old” with her own band.




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