Sing Out Brussels! has now recruited for its upcoming projects running until Spring 2025. You are welcome to register your interest for our next round of auditions in 2025 and sign up for our newsletter below.

Sing Out Brussels! is an inclusive group in all its actions: we want to give everyone the same chance to be a part of it. We are aware that an audition can be very intimidating. Don’t worry, at Sing Out, the audition takes place in a very kind way.

We work in two steps:

Step 1

Online contact

A little musical exercise based on two of our songs – we’ll send you scores and recordings. We’ll ask you to learn some parts of these songs, to record your voice and to send us the recordings

Step 2


The aim will be to sing together with other members of the choir. Our choir director will take the time to listen to you

Don’t hesitate to try your luck! 


When and where do the rehearsals take place?

We rehearse every Wednesday from 7.45 p.m. to 10 p.m. Our rehearsal location is GC Elzenhof, Avenue de la Couronne 12 in Ixelles.

What kind of music do we sing?

Our repertoire is mainly pop-rock, in English or in French, and has a link with the LGBTQI + community and its demands (performer, thematic…). As a pop choir, we accompany our songs with staging and sometimes with choreography. We are always on the lookout for new ideas and welcome suggestions!

Are there registration fees?

Each member of the choir pays a subscription which covers our costs (rental of the rehearsal room, remuneration of the conductor, purchase of scores, etc.). We offer a reduced rate on request. Inclusiveness is a priority for us: the choir must be accessible, whatever your financial means. 

Does participating in the choir take time?

Ideally, each member should attend all rehearsals but we require a minimum attendance rate of 75% to be able to take part in concerts. Working at home is necessary to prepare for the rehearsal (learning the songs), learning the lyrics by heart or rehearsing the choreographies. Participation in the activity therefore requires investing time, but no stress, we are together, on the same boat and the collective enthusiasm will make you want to move on!

We also ask each choir member to provide voluntary help to the choir because our project is participatory. As a member of the Board or as a volunteer within one of our “Joy Teams” (creation of shows, communication, organization of events, search for grants and sponsors, etc.), you will contribute to the proper functioning of Sing Out Brussels !.

I can’t read music. Can I join you?

Reading music is an asset because it will allow you to learn songs more quickly. But there are no prerequisites for joining us. We provide our members with recordings that allow them to practice at home, even without musical knowledge.

I do not speak French / English / Dutch. Can I join you?

Like Brussels, Sing Out Brussels! is an international choir. And a great place to practice different languages! Our choir director is bilingual French-English and uses both languages ​​during rehearsals. We communicate to our members in three languages: French, English, Dutch.

I am not a member of the LGBTQI + community. Can I join you?

Sing Out Brussels! is an inclusive choir, open to all people who share its values. We want to make our group a “safe space” where everyone feels good, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.  NB: taking account of the limited places available in some sections, we could give priority to people who would most benefit from being in a queer safe environment.

How is the atmosphere in the choir?

If you join us, you will develop strong friendships with other members of the group. We are a community and organize many social activities during the season, which allow us to strengthen the links between our members: bar after rehearsal, working weekends in the countryside, trips abroad… We never get bored!

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