Sing Out Brussels in concert
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Sing Out Brussels in concert
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Sing Out Brussels brings together friends with a passion for both music and freedom. Led by Emily Allison, we rehearse every Wednesday evening in an atmosphere marked by the joy of being together, pride in ourselves, and generosity of spirit.

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United by the same values

Sing Out Brussels is a singing ambassador in Belgium and beyond for Brussels-based LGBTQI+. We share our values of openness, respect, and freedom through music. We are open to all those who want to be part of an original vocal group combining quality and musicality.


Wanna join us?

Sing Out Brussels! is an inclusive group in all its actions: we want to give everyone the same chance to be a part of it. We are aware that an audition can be very intimidating. Don’t worry, at Sing Out, the audition takes place in a very kind way.

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