Back to school!

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C'est la rentrée !

Sing Out Brussels! started its new school year on Wednesday September 1st, and our choir members were probably just as excited as children on their first school day.

First of all, this new school year means a new venue. Our beautiful Maalbeek hall is getting a facelift this year and the works have forced us to find a new home. We have chosen the GC Elzenhof, avenue de la Couronne in Ixelles. The room is smaller than the one we had in Etterbeek, but we already feel comfortable there.

The first rehearsal of the season was especially emotional because, for the first time since the end of October 2020, we were able to bring the choir together in the same room, and rediscover the pleasure of singing together. The rehearsal began with a moment of sharing and reconnection. It was an opportunity for each member to express their feelings on this special day. Some members had not participated in our activities since March 2020 and were torn between the joy of being back in the choir and the fear of being in the same room with so many people. Others did not hide their emotion to be a part of this big family that is Sing Out Brussels! Between the hope of quickly getting back to our former life and pessimism at the prospect of a new lockdown, the hearts of our choir members are swaying… But the choir is alive. It has survived this seemingly endless lockdown. It has been able to reinvent itself, and will survive again if facing new challenges in the future.

But for the time being, even with a mask, even without being able to kiss or hug each other hello, the choir members are above all enthusiastic about this fourth season that promises to be full of good times and opportunities. If Covid lets us…