The new Board of Directors has started work

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The Sing Out Brussels! General Assembly took place on Saturday 4 September. The members elected the new Board of Directors responsible for managing the non-profit organisation

At the General Assembly, members had the opportunity to see the presentation of the activity report for season 3 (2020-2021), a very special season since it took place almost exclusively in lockdown. As you can read in our activity report, we still managed to complete several projects and organise online activities.

The members also approved the accounts of the non-profit organization and granted discharge to the directors. Julie Loriaux, president, Joan Lanfranco Pari, vice-president and Patrick Struelens, administrator, did not stand for re-election. The whole choir thanks them for their work! As for Marina Belotti and Kelci Wilford, they were halfway through their two-year terms. Christophe Cordier was a candidate to join the CA and was elected by the members.

That same day, Sing Out Brussels! took over the RainbowHouse bar for its Fabulous Opening Party!

A few days later, the new Board of Directors met for the first time (the first time since March 2020 that a face-to-face meeting was held) and divided up the tasks. Christophe Cordier is president, Kelci Wilford vice-president and Marina Belotti treasurer. There is no shortage of work to do for our non-profit’s many projects this season!