Listen, care & share: making our choir a “safer space”

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Supported by Equal.Brussels, the Listen, care & share project aims to improve well-being within the choir by making it a safer space and by developing non-violent communication.

The “Listen, care & share” project began in earnest on 22 September  with a first workshop in French, led by Aïda Yancy, project manager at RainbowHouse Brussels. Aïda gave us some tools and vocabulary to help us understand the notion of a “safe space”. This workshop also took place in English on 13 October.

This project came into being following a few interpersonal incidents within our choir. The Board of Directors looked into the situation through a survey on well-being which revealed that lesbophobia, transphobia, biphobia, misogyny, racism or ‘fat shaming’ existed within our group, which claims to be inclusive. The Board of Directors therefore launched a two-pronged project: “safe space” and non-violent communication. The project received the support of

The current workshops will be followed by two simulation workshops focused on micro-aggressions. These workshops took place during our working weekend at Spa at the end of October. Then, in early 2022, our members will participate in a workshop on non-violent communication, organised over three sessions and in three languages.

At the same time, some members will organise “fireside conversations” to help singers get to know each other better and thus to break down certain barriers and prejudices.

Ultimately, the project will lead to the drafting of a manifesto / code of conduct, which can be shared with other LGBTQI + associations in Belgium as well as with members of Legato, the European federation of LGBTQI + choirs.