The RainbowHouse celebrated its 20th anniversary

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For its 20th anniversary the Brussels RainbowHouse organized a whole series of events during the last weekend of October. Sing Out Brussels! participated by singing on Saturday evening as part of the “Street Party”.

This outdoor mini-concert took place under difficult conditions, especially due to the weather. But our choir, which has been a member since its creation, was proud to be invited to celebrate the LGBTQI + association house in Brussels. The RainbowHouse brings together some sixty organisations active in the social, cultural or sporting fields.

The weekend began with a debate on engagement in the LGBTQIA + community (volunteering and activism, state of play and future) and a debate on inclusion in structures (safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers). A round table with the various RainbowHouses in the country was also organized.