Santé op de chaussée!

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Sing Out Brussels! participated in “Santé op de chaussée”, the New Year’s party of GC De Maalbeek, the cultural centre that hosted our rehearsals during our first three seasons.

“Santé op de Chaussée” is the New Year’s party of GC De Maalbeek (Etterbeek), where Sing Out rehearsed during its first three seasons. Work is underway in our rehearsal hall and we hope to return when it is finished. 

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“Santé op de chaussée” is a promenade show. The audience comes to see different small concerts. We presented five successive mini-concerts in the Parketzaal.

It was a good exercise and gave our choir members a chance to get together after the Christmas break. The evening ended with a drink hosted by the Peperkoek Foundation, a band that fuses the best of different musical styles: Balkan, klezmer and New Orleans.