Another magical weekend in Hastière

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Sing Out Brussels! returned to the Kaleo d’Hastière gîte for another workshop weekend. On the menu: learning new songs, delicious meals, a walk in the forest, time to discuss our projects and a line-dancing lesson!

Our residential workshop weekend is a fantastic opportunity for our group to bond. Around 60 singers took part over the first weekend in February, including most of the members who joined us last November.

The weekend was mainly devoted to learning new songs with our conductor Emily Allison in preparation for the “Queeroes” show (March 2025) and the “Various Voices Rising” show (June 2024).

We have also started learning songs for the “Let’s zing ensemble” project, organised by Bozar, which we will be taking part in next June.

But we also took the time to talk about our projects. Our Creative Joy Team presented the concept of the “Various Voices Rising” show, which will highlight European solidarity through the participation of two guest choirs from the Netherlands and Poland.

With the members of the Strategy Joy Team, we discussed invitations the choir receives: which invitations to accept, on the basis of what criteria, with what objective, and so on. The Community Building Joy Team organised karaoke on the Friday evening, a speed-dating activity on the Saturday morning, a walk in the forest in the afternoon and a “cow-people” themed evening with a game of musical chairs and an introduction to line-dancing from two of our North American singers!

Not forgetting the installation of our underground nail salon 😉

This context, which is conducive to exchange and goodwill, inspired Antoine, a member of Sing Out Brussels! for 3 years and a member of our Board for a few months, to write this beautiful text. Here’s an extract:

“I feel lucky and privileged to be part of this exciting adventure because I know how fragile and rare – being constantly flooded with the horrors of this world – such a project can be. Not only singing makes me happy, and the amazing musical quality of this project, individuals with so much overflowing talent, sharing strong values such as acceptance or inclusivity. Not only the almost flawless organization, at least always putting immense efforts into providing a safer space for 75+ people with different needs and abilities. Not only the activities besides rehearsal to help us bond, share, imagine our future, expand our horizons or accept careful criticism. What makes me truly happy, is that I feel I made the choice to engage with this project like I’d do in a romantic relationship. Caring for them is a form of Love. A love that takes effort, questioning, doubting, difficult conversations, apologies when mistakes are made. A love that is based on shameless communication. honest sharing of expectations and authentic connection (…) I’m feeling lucky because it’s an opportunity for me to give.Time and presence. And the more I do, the more I receive. Smiles, hugs, compliments, and true acceptance. Love is definitely something else than a zero sum game”.