Lesbian Visibility Day – ‘Do you see us now!’

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To mark Lesbian Visibility Day, Sing Out Brussels! organized a pop-up concert at the Brussels Bourse to honor the members of our choir who identify as lesbians.

Sing Out Brussels! is continuing its efforts to raise the profile of LGBTQI+ sub-communities that are less often in the spotlight. In 2023, the choir organized a flashmob at Brussels Central Station for Transgender Visibility Day. This year, it’s all about lesbians!

Our annual survey showed that this community was under-represented in our choir. One of the aims of recruitment this season was to raise their profile within the group. This led to the idea of organising an event around this theme.

At the Brussels Bourse, the choir, with a large banner reading ‘Do you see us now!’ designed to appeal to the public, performed “Amour Censure” by Hoshi, a French lesbian artist, and ‘Holding out for a SHE-ro’, a variation on Bonnie Tyler’s well-known hit. The show ended with our now iconic ‘Survivor mash-up’.

The performance was broadcast live on our Instagram account. But that’s not the only record of our performance. During the event, several of our members who identify as lesbians took part in interviews. The video of these interviews, with illustrative footage shot during the performance, will be broadcast on our socials as part of Pride Month in Brussels.