Singing Brussels Pride

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Our choir took part in Brussels Pride on May 18, 2024. Singing, of course! In the parade, on the main stage and also at the Grands Carmes as part of Pride Week.

Sometimes criticized for its commercial excesses or the presence of political parties in the parade, Brussels Pride remains a great moment of queer pride and joy. Sing Out Brussels was once again an enthusiastic participant. Like last year, we were invited to open the festivities on the main stage, in front of a friendly and enthusiastic audience.

After a photo opportunity with Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Deputy Prime Minister Petra de Sutter, we took our places in the parade, which we livened up by enthusiastically singing our repertoire!

We also attracted the attention of the media, who captured a few moments of our songs in their reports: Bruzz, VRT and RTBF.

The day before, we had presented a concert at Grands Carmes, Brussels’ LGBTQI+ community center, as part of Pride Week. It was an opportunity to preview our new repertoire for the first time, a few weeks before our end-of-season show Various Voices Rising. And to wear our fabulous “We Sing Out!” T-shirts for the first time.

The final word goes to Paula, who joined our choir this season: “This was the best Pride ever for me. I really felt like a part of the community of people that I deeply like and feel accepted by and who gives me so much warmth and energy. What a diffrence with the first pride of my life ten years ago in Poland, where I went alone and was afraid to tell anyone that I’m going at all, and where hundreds of people were screaming at us “homo go home”. It makes me really appreciate everything that so many of us have fought for and the power of community”.