The Wall in My Head – Our new music video

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We are delighted to be sharing our new music video with you. Recorded at Jet Studio, “The Wall in My Head” is a first glimpse of a new album from Sing Out Brussels!

“School’s out – The album” contains the seven tracks recorded at Jet Studio last October as well as six more songs from our June 2023 live show, carefully remastered by our audio engineer.

The music video is a first glimpse of the album, immortalising the music and the message of 2023 live show School’s Out, where we shared our own stories of growing up as queer kids as well as highlighting the experiences of LGBTQI+ youth today.

To get a feel for what the studio recording was like for the choir, check out our behind-the-scenes video.

From musical hit Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, the song tells the story of a boy with a dream to become a drag queen. Too many hurtful words have built up in his head, and now Jamie needs to find a way to climb the wall and come to terms with his identity.

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Spotify user? Fear not! Our album will soon be publicly available for streaming. Watch this space…