A code of conduct for our choir

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Discussions are currently underway to draw up a new code of conduct, with members agreeing to shared principles and how to ensure they are respected.

Members of the choir are sharing their views in small groups on the sidelines of our rehearsals to craft and adopt a code of conduct for our community.

Disagreement and conflict can arise in any group setting. The aim of the workshops currently taking place is to agree on shared principles and how to ensure they are respected – making Sing Out! a safer space for every member.

Hour-long sessions open to members on a voluntary basis have been taking place in January and February, and most of the choir has now participated. A follow-up session will be organised in March during our workshop weekend in Hastière, with the aim of adopting the code of conduct before the end of the season.

This project is part of the “Listen, Care & Share” programme launched three years ago in response to tensions within the association. Since then, Sing Out Brussels! has conducted an internal survey on member wellbeing and subsequently organised training courses on safer spaces and non-violent communication. This season, those with specific responsibilities within the ASBL have been trained in the “systemic consensing” method of decision making. Discussing the new code of conduct is our next step towards the vision and goals set out in our strategic plan.